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2427 St. Charles Ave. was originally built as a residence in 1884, at a cost of $14,344.  In 1907, the house was enlarged to the rear, creating its present size.  In 1955, it became a hotel known as The Hedgewood.  



A prominent surgeon and his wife purchased the hotel. The challenge was to convert this large, wood frame residence into a licensed and accredited ambulatory surgical center with guest accommodations, while retaining its historic character. The doctor wanted to create a facility that would have the feeling not of a hospital, but of a typical home on historic St. Charles Ave.  The ground floor contains doctors' and administrative offices, and examining and waiting rooms.  Surgical suites occupy the front half of the second floor, and in the rear half there are guest accommodations, where patient and family members may stay before and after surgery. All federal medical requirements, hospital licensing, life safety, disability, zoning and historic district requirements were met without any variances, and alterations were executed so as to be indistinguishable from the original building fabric.The third floor was built-out as a separate pediatrics office. This project is a recipient of A.I.A. Honor Award.

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