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This fine Uptown Greek Revival residence was originally known as the Rosileus Homestead, the suburban home of a prominent attorney in the mid 19th Century.  It was sold in the late 19th century and the new owner raised the house a full story.  After several owners and sales of the adjacent grounds, it was acquired in the 1960's, and Koch and Wilson was engaged to conduct a major renovation of the residence.

The present owners purchased the house and three adjacent properties.  An encroaching residence on the rear lot was demolished, once again allowing the Homestead to set prominently on its site.  At that time, Koch and Wilson added a 2-story wing to the rear, that incorporated a new kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a prominent rear entry, and a 3 car garage.  The adjacent residence, which was originally the carriage house, was renovated to serve as the family's secondary home during the work on the Homestead.  The neighboring duplex, on Broadway Ave., was renovated as a single guest house with an open first floor entertainment space and second floor bedrooms and baths, with a fitness room overlooking the pool.  This house is now affectionately called the  Broadway Playhouse.  The pool house was recently renovated with the addition of an outdoor fireplace.

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