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(615 ERATO ST.)



This small, single dormered cottage, with a street-front door entering the side, recessed gallery is a rare house-type, reminiscent of the Charleston, "I-house," tradition  Constructed, ca.1835, and originally located at 615 Erato Street, in the path of the new Mississippi River Bridge, it would have to be moved or demolished.  


The house was purchased by an individual and loaned to the Preservation Resource Center for use as its exhibit inside the Great Hall of the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition.  Koch and Wilson was involved with the concept, discovery, acquisition, documentation, dismantling, transporting, and restoring of this small, seriously gutted cottage. The front room was fully restored to the period of its construction, including a furnished period interior.  The remainder of the building was designed to house an exhibit of photographs, drawings, and maps, that relates to five important local house types.  Photographs of street scenes and an original Notarial Archives watercolor were also on display, giving visitors an idea of the rich variety of New Orleans architecture and neighborhoods. Following the close of the Exposition, the cottage was moved again and became the permanent home of the owner.

In addition to Koch and Wilson acting as the architects for the restoration, the project architect also served as curator of the exhibit.

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