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During the occupancy of the previous owner, this 1904 residence was heavily damaged by fire and little of the house was restored.  Many unsympathetic additions had been made to the house over time.  The current owners desired to renovate the house more in keeping with the original design intent and to enlarge it.  Among changes made to the house in this renovation were the restoration of the front "carousel" porch; addition of cornices and ceiling ornament in the library, living room, hall and dining room; and introduction of a wainscot and historic wallpaper in the dining room, and a period mantel and cabinets in the library.

The rear of the house was completely reworked, with the introduction of a new kitchen, breakfast room, solarium, rear stairs, pantry, and bath.  A new terrace, rear porch and pool were also added.  On the second floor, the master bath, dressing area, closets, and bath were luxuriously up-graded, and on the third floor, a guest bedroom was renovated.

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